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The another innovative model range for the Hospitality industry or domestic use,  Barracks Three-tier beds are being made in the UK, using 40 x 25 x 1.6mm mild steel tube perimeter frame combined with a weld mesh platform which ensures a light and strong construction along with a long life span. The third tier of the Barracks bed is spanned by a fully welded mild steel mesh panel.

Along with the other heavy-duty bed ranges, it has a set metal plates welded to each led which facilitates fixing to the floor, should customer wish to have an additional strength and stability.

This Triple Tier bunk bed is 3' wide and 6'3" long, and has an overall height of 2570mm.Bunk is designed to accommodate mattresses up to 7" deep and we highly recommend to use bunks in premises with appr. 3000mm high ceilings.


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