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            Best Bunk Beds thrives in being a one-stop shop, specialising in individual complex approach to every B2B-customer. No matter what stage of development you are at, we will do our best to provide you with the most cost-effective and quality solution:

Careful development appraisal, bunk bed placement proposal

            Sometimes customer isn't sure about the best solution for the Premises. Our Experts are studying all the aspects of your Concept, your Property and the budget, helping to come up with a ready-to-go solution. We consider as much aspects of the enquiry as possible, including the environment, type of business, desired type of beds, estimated budgets, location etc.

Quoting projects

            Considerable part of our potential and existing customers have come to an idea of creating their own business in hospitality industry. Some of them are B&B or Lodges, some are Hostels or Bunkhouses. Best Bunk Beds provides continuous support on every stage of the Project, ensuring the awareness and usefulness of the Solutions we develop.

Heavy Duty Detachable Bunk Bed

Tailoring bunk beds to a specific customer needs

            Unlike most of commercial heavy-duty furniture suppliers, offering very few amendment options in for their models, Best Bunk Beds has come with a variety of options: ladder orientation, several colours available, different width and length of beds along with a various thickness/ width/ length of mattresses. Most of the bedding solutions are designed to be fixed to the floor/ wall to ensure maximum strength.

Manufacturing of commercial quality metal Products

            Once the Product specifications, T&C have been confirmed, the manufacturing stage begins. It takes several weeks to manufacture the order, depending on the chosen models, amount and any special requirements. All our bunk beds, mattresses and underbed lockers being manufactured from scratch, ensuring that Customer gets exactly what's required.

Heavy duty Double Bunk bed

Door-to-door Logistics in the UK/ worldwide

           Shortly after the order is ready for despatch, we organise a door-to-door delivery to anywhere in the world. The majority of deliveries are palletised deliveries as this is the most secure way of shipping. Since 2011 our bunks and undbed boxes have been delivered to more than 500 businesses in the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, France, Switzerland, Croatia, Baltic States and Scandinavian countries.

Post-guarantee service

           Designed by  Best Bunk Beds to last for decades, our beds can adapt some extra-options even after they been delivered and used for a while. Adding top curtain frames, utility panels etc. can enhance the comfort and the majority of bed elements could be supplied upon request

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