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High-quality Density-Foam (HDF) or Spring Unit based contract mattresses are used in Hotels, Hotels, MOD, Charities, Schools and  domestic environment. Fire-retardant, water-resistant and bug-free construction allows to use them in every situation when durability and a comfort are a "must".

Density foam mattress is normally fabricated with a thickness in between 4in and 6in (100-150mm. They are being manufactured using 27-33kg/m3 density foam which serves a good comfort to persons, using them. Some of the models have a removable and 70-degree machine-washable cover, some of them come with a non-detachable cover of the same fabrics. HDF Model is tested to comply with Crib5 requirements.

Spring Unit based models are more traditional ones. Starting from 6in (150mm) in thickness, these mattresses are made with  non-detachable cover only. Several types of fabrics are available. Due to a bigger height in a construction, Spring mattresses can't be used on all commercial bunk beds as per H&S restrictions.

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