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Welcome to Best Bunk Beds' Catalogue! Just so you know, all our commercial heavy-duty bunk bed and mattress ranges are manufactured in the UK, designed to last for decades in a tough environment. We've spend years on a evolution and development of our double bunk bed and triple bunk bed ranges, creating a Superior Product for hospitality industry.

Since 2011 we are fabricating and supplying more than 20 types of beds, heavy-duty bunk beds, lockers and mattresses, suitable for different tough environment or a domestic use. Some of the beds are offering high-grade privacy and comfort, some of them increase occupancy rate comparing to the traditional ranges. The majority of adult beds and bunk beds been designed for a children use as well. For some major Projects we are delighted to design and manufacture tailored Products. Please get in touch with us if you have any further enquiries on a specific Product.

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