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Best quality option for contract or domestic use, manufactured from 27-33kg/m3 high-density foam. Water-resistant and fire-retardant, bug-free.


Memory foam is manufactured in a way, that helps air to flow freely.  This constantly maintains a mattress temperature, improving person's posture and air circulation at the same time.

Technical Specification:
Foam core:  Melamine free high resilience polyurethane cellular polymer

Density: 27-33kg/ m3, depending on an available stock.

Cover: Polytran cover, vapour permeable, water resistant, PU coated polyester knitted, and concealed zip. Machine-washable at 70 degrees.

Mattress comes in 2x thicknesses: 4in deep and 6in deep with various widths, starting at 2ft6in and up to 4fr6in wide.

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