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We feel that the Morpheus Detachable Double bunk bed as a descendant of original non-detachable design, is among the strongest ones on a contract market, providing an extra flexibility for guests and businesses.

Thanks to a well-developed design in just a couple of minutes it's possible to convert it into two single beds or switch back to the standard bunk bed few minutes later, using basic tool set (Allen hex key/ screwdriver) only.


This detachable double bunk is the perfect solution for every business or household, looking for an outstanding combination in between flexibility, durability and modern design. Morpheus Detachables being used in Activity Centres, Hostels, Lodges, B&B and Schools for many years now.

Technical Specification:

Double Morpheus Bunk (Detachable version) - Heavy duty steel gauge (50mm), Welded steel mesh platform - (160 cm (H) x  2'6'-3' (82-92cm) (w) x 190cm (6'3'')

Get in touch today to check available colours!

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