A comfortable, medium-firm mattress from our Contract range with a non-removable fire-retardant and non-water resistant fabrics cover. Designed of a sturdy 12.5 gauge perimeter wire frame along with inner spring units and traditional fillings in it's core, this mattress has been designed for a great comfort in a Hostel or Hotel environment within Product's long life span. It complies with Contract market requirements by having a fire-retardant cover.


Opal contract mattress can be used on a range of traditional bed bases but can also be used on some of our metal bunk beds as due to it's height (23cm/ 7'').

Technical Specification:

Spring unit based commercial mattress, 12.5 gauge open coil spring 190 x 71.5/ 92 (2'6''/ 3') x 23 cm (d).

Made in the UK.

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