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Our Plateau Single Bed is the another great example of a contract quality steel bed frame.
Quick and easy assembly process makes this ideal for the contract market and particularly for Activity Centres, Schools, Lodges, Guest Houses and Events.

Bed frames are available in 3' Single, 4' Small Double and 4'6'' Double sizes and has seven mattress supports  on the 3’ model; eight on the 4’ & 4’6 supporting a welded metal mesh base and reinforced side rails.

The 3’ Plateau bed can be assembled in a couple of minutes only due to the one-piece mesh base which makes it easy to raise..

The wider 4’ and 4’6'' Plateau metal bed frames are also quick and easy to build as the metal mesh base comes in two pieces which also facilitates storage or transportation.

Each bed being supplied with pre-drilled holes to accommodate a variety of headboards of your choice. Bed frame has around 300kg weight capacity which makes them ideal for contract market.


Supplied in Black only.

Please enquire for more info!

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