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Pulsar Power Outlet is in a choice of 8 vivid colours with an additional choice of grey or black sockets. It's designed to be fitted on to bunk bed guard rails or single bed ends, tool rails and other locations.

Pulsar has a wide range of modules available and can be fitted with the following power options:


  • UK Fused Socket

  • UK Unfused Socket

  • USA/Japan Socket

  • Danish Socket

  • German (Schuko) Socket

  • Swiss Socket

  • French/Belgian Socket

  • Italian Socket

  • Australian Socket

  • Chinese Combi Socket

  • Brazilian Socket

  • Israeli Socket

  • TUF A+C 25W

  • TUF-R 5A

  • VGA & Stereo

Recessed Angled Twin unshuttered RJ45's

Main box frame colours – yellow, red, light blue, dark blue, orange, light orange, pink or light green

Certifications and compliance:

Power socket: The fitted sockets are certified comply with the appropriate national/international standards (IEC60884-1, BS1363/5733, CCC, AS/NZS311)

OE TUF5A: Additionally certified to comply with IEC60950-1/UL60950-1 standards.
Wiring (cables, mains plug and connectors): Independently certified to the national/international standards where applicable.

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