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Sahara Detachable budget bunk bed has a sturdy space-saving construction which is the strongest point for purchasing any of these. Suitable both for adult and children use. Made of light-metal tubing combined with weld mesh.

In just a few minutes time it's possible to split it onto 2x single beds or convert them back to the bunk bed which is perfect option for domestic environment.


Great price and quality are the best decision-making points for this Model. Can easily be assembled, using basic tools only.

Technical Specification:

For domestic use only.
Two-Tier construction, Adult/ Children Detachable Domestic Bunk Bed
1900 (L) x 1600 (H) x 920 (W), appr. weight 45 kilos.


Comes flat-packed in loose elements, boxed, customer-friendly assembly. One of the few bed models, supplied from the stock, instead of being manufactured upon customer's order.

Silver finish only.

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