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   We are a UK-based manufacturer of heavy duty metal bunk beds for the contract market, suitable both for adult and children use, supplying them to Hostels, Hotels, Prisons, Immigration Removal Centres, Schools, Councils, Student Accommodations, Lodges and B&B  across the UK and worldwide since 2011.

  The idea behind our concept was to invent, design and create an innovative product for Hospitality industry, implementing an outstanding comfort and privacy, along with an increased occupancy. And then the idea of a three-tier bunk bed has been born. Our parent company that stood behind it, been one of the large hostel networks in London and South of England... and they knew what hostel guests are concerned about or what they really fall in love with during their stay.

   Slowly growing from a design-concept idea, quickly sketched on a paper tissue in a restaurant to a fully viable product,  BBB came to understanding that the nowadays are dictating to persuade more and more quality, than the quantity as there has been lack on well-made bedding solutions on UK market. The outcome of the concepts are our military-quality Repose / Morpheus adult bunk bed ranges, the bespoke designs for the most demanding contract customers in the UK, the EU as well as worldwide.


​    As we never compromise on quality, we've spent years on designing the best beds and bunks, suitable for both commercial and domestic environment. The Morpheus Triple has become a very first in the United Kingdom, to fit in a standard room height of appr. 2400-2500mm. On the other hand, an overall assortment includes steel-made Single beds, Double bunk beds along with Detachable Double bunk ranges, and a Repose Triple bunk bed as a top-end of an industry along with an Underbed box/ Lockers solutions or density-foam mattresses to provide a complex solution to each of our customers.

No matter if you are after one bunk only or there are hundreds of items to be supplied within your Project, we are happy to assist you in the best way possible, offering an absolute Service within Bedding/ Hospitality Industry.

Our Dedicated Team will outline the best Solutions based on the information provided, normally within 1-2 working days. Our strongest side is producing  a package of alternative options for a wider Choice.





- Language School

"We have used the Morpheus bunks for our language  school in Glasgow, the bunk have turned out to be very robust and survived many of our busy summers, with many students using them. The bunks look good still, are user-friendly assembly wise and we have received an outstanding service from BBB! Our sister company is now looking to use the Morpheus in their centre."

- Essex County Council

"BBB worked on several large projects for us over few last years on behalf on Essex County Council. BBB were quick and efficient in supplying the Products. We can say that BBB were quick to learn and keep their promise of great service and great products."

- Parachute Centre

"The Morpheus Bunks have proved to be extremely robust  for an Army environment where they endure heavy duty usage, we were  really satisfied with the strength of the bunks, thus we decided to roll more out for our Parachute centre. The bunks been delivered and installed by Best Bunk beds who proved to be an extremely supportive Supplier in every aspect of the Project.

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